Hello and welcome to the new www.duluthkidneyservices.com! We recently partnered with Admax and Faster Solutions to design and construct our new website and are pleased with the results.

One of our goals for the new site was to help patients better understand what to expect when they meet with a Nephrologist at Duluth Kidney Services. The “About Us” and “Services” tab at the top of the page provides visitors with a summary of the medical conditions we commonly treat.

We also wanted our website to expand its usefulness to patients interested in learning more about kidney related diseases: check out the “Patient Education” tab. Links to additional educational resources can be found under the tab titled “Links“.

If you already see Dr. Popham for your Nephrology care we hope our Patient Portal has given you greater access to your medical information and a convenient way to communicate with your doctor. We think the Patient Portal is a wonderful tool because it allows patients to communicate with their doctor whenever it is convenient — and to do so in their own words.

Lastly, a heads up that our friends at the National Kidney Foundation are hosting the 2015 Duluth Kidney Walk on Thursday July 30th! Details can be found on their website, www.donate.kidney.org.

Dr. Popham and I intend to use this blog to notify visitors of events and ideas we feel are useful to patients and their caregivers, or those who simply wish to know more about how our practice operates. Our ultimate hope is that when new patients visit our website they will get a sense of the type of practice we continuously strive to be and established patients will return for the quality content we hope to add as we go. Let us know your suggestions for blog topics and we will do our best to write about them. Help us make this website the best tool it can be!


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