We provide consultation services on a referral basis for patients with kidney diseases and provide patient education regarding all aspects of kidney disease.


Chronic kidney disease management including:

  1. Treatment of kidney diseases
  2. Delaying progression of chronic kidney disease
  3. Management of complications of chronic kidney disease
  4. Anemia management

Kidney transplant management

  1. We work closely with the Fairview University and Mayo Clinic kidney transplant teams. We also host their outreach clinics from our primary office.
  2. Evaluation of potential kidney donors
  3. Post transplant management of kidney transplant recipients

Additional Services Offered

Chronic management of patients on hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis
Assessment and treatment of difficult to control hypertension
Assessment and treatment of electrolyte disorders
Metabolic assessment of recurrent kidney stones
Assessment and treatment of acute and chronic glomerulonephritis (inflammatory kidney disorders)
Inpatient hospital consultation for acute and chronic kidney conditions