North Star Network

For the past several months Duluth Kidney Services has participated in weekly meetings with a group of other local businesses. The group is called North Star Network. Our interactions with North Star members have created lots of new connections for us and their passion has inspired us to continue improving the quality of our work.

It may seem surprising that a medical practice would choose to make time to meet with professionals outside of our provider networks. Yet my experience with this networking group has highlighted the value of learning how other local businesses serve their customers and manage their offices. The formation of a “trust network” outside of our colleagues in the clinic and hospital systems also primes our practice to capitalize on opportunities we wouldn’t ordinarily have access to. One example of this would be the United Way Day of Caring that we found out about through North Star.

If you’re curious to learn more about North Star Network check out the group’s web and Facebook pages. If you work in the Twin Ports area and are interested in joining please feel free to reach out to me.

North Star Network

North Star Network on Facebook

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