IMG_6777We are the region’s experts in dealing with the potential complications of chronic kidney disease. Managing your chronic kidney disease and keeping your kidneys functioning at their best is our goal.

What you can expect at St. Luke’s Nephrology Associates

At your first visit the Nephrologist and their medical assistant will obtain your medical history and perform a physical examination. These are the first steps to determine the nature of your kidney problem. You will also be asked to bring your medication list and all medications, in their original containers, to your first appointment.

After your visit we may recommend you schedule a follow up appointment so that we can continue to assist you in the management of your kidney disease. For follow up appointments you may bring a medication list in place of the original containers. However, if another provider prescribes you a brand new medication we do recommend you bring the brand new medication to our office in its original container. This way we know for sure exactly which medications you’re currently taking!

We typically request patients provide blood/urine samples prior to seeing one of our doctors; this may be done at the laboratory of your choice. In addition to the lab tests, if necessary, we may arrange for you to complete a diagnostic imaging test such as a kidney ultrasound. Labs and imaging tests done at the St. Luke’s Lakeview Laboratory may be done the same day as your appointment. For all other laboratories we recommend you complete your tests for the Nephrologist no later than two business days before your appointment.

During the check in process please let us know which providers you’d like sent a copy of your Nephrology progress notes. We currently share access to electronic records with St. Luke’s Hospital. This allows them to readily obtain our progress notes and allows our practice access to their provider’s records.

At each visit to St. Luke’s Nephrology Associates, our kidney team will provide the information you need to effectively manage your health and kidney disease.